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We can help you overcome your symptoms using a tailored approach that suits you

All of Greg’s therapies are tailored to meet the needs of the individual. Each person and each problem is unique. Therefore, Greg does not adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach to therapy. During the therapy process, he will get to know you and tailor your treatment accordingly.

Support for Depression

If you’re a sufferer of depression, breaking out of debilitating patterns will often be difficult, but it’s necessary in order to start the road to better mental health.

Support for Anxiety

There are many forms of anxiety. You may need help if you are continuously concerned or anxious, experience panic attacks or have specific phobias.

Men's Mental Health

His mission is to help other men improve their overall mental well-being, overcome challenges, and live happier, healthier, and more productive lives.

Support For Depression

Helping Men Overcome Depression

From time to time us men will feel sad at some point, or fed up with where we are at in life, whether physically, financially or mentally. If you’re a sufferer of anxiety or depression, breaking out of these debilitating patterns will often be difficult as we don’t always see what we are doing. Don’t let the “Black Dog” take over your life.

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Don't Suffer in Silence or Think "Toughening up" Will Fix The Issue... We Encourage You To Seek Help Today.

Unfortunately, men in particular often suffer in silence and do not seek support. We are traditionally told to “toughen up” and that “boys don’t cry”. Yet this doesn’t help and as a result, many men attempt to deal with their depression via substances, gambling, excessive tv and/or sports.

Support For Anxiety

Feeling Anxious or Having Panic Attacks?

Anxiety can be appropriate and a positive defence mechanism in some circumstances. However, if anxiety is enduring or experienced regularly, it can interfere with your ability to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. If you ever feel like you’re suffering with any type of anxiety, whether it’s effecting you physically or mentally, then get in touch with Greg today.

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Take the first step by getting in touch today. The sooner you can tackle your mental battles, the faster you will recover and be back to a happier healthier self.

Medicare Rebates Available

Medicare rebates apply, and are available in conjunction with a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan. This Medicare Plan provides rebates for up to 10 psychology sessions in the calendar year.