Greg is a Sydney Clinical Psychologist experienced in working with depression and anxiety in men

He has been helping men overcome these issues for over 18 years and works predominantly with depression and anxiety. Greg can help you overcome these issues through private and confidential sessions, with a convenient office location in Grosvenor street, Woollahra, Sydney.

"I find with depression, one of the most important things you could realise is that you’re not alone."

– Greg Hanson
Greg Can Help

A Sydney Psychologist That Understands Men's Mental Health Challenges

Men's Counselling

A Sydney Psychologist who understands the issues that men are faced with

Greg has a niche in the treatment of depressive and anxiety disorders in men. These disorders are often in the context of early attachment difficulties, including abusive childhood experiences, and current interpersonal problems in relationships, work and social functioning.

You’re not less of a man or a failure for seeking help. It shows strength and courage. Don’t wait, contact Greg today.

Men are often hesitant in seeking help, sometimes perceiving this as a failing, however, through building a trusting and supportive therapeutic relationship these initial fears can be overcome.

Medicare Rebates Available With A GP Treatment Plan

Medicare rebates apply, and are available in conjunction with a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan. This Medicare Plan provides rebates for up to 10 psychology sessions in the calendar year.

Medicare recognises Greg’s qualifications by providing referred patients a higher rebate per session.

Not sure?

Depression or anxiety, which could you be struggling with?

The symptoms of anxiety and depression are often overlapping, so treatment for one can often be beneficial for the other. Research has repeatedly shown that counselling can be effective for both conditions.

Anxiety Counselling

If you feel like you’re suffering with any type of anxiety whether it’s effecting you physically or mentally, then get in touch with Greg today and find out how I can help.

Depression Counselling

If you are suffering from depression, breaking out of those debilitating patterns can often be difficult, as we don’t always see what we are doing, which is where working with a therapist like me comes in.

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Overcoming depression and anxiety with an experienced clinical psychologist

In order to overcome mental difficulties, I will work with you to understand your challenges and then provide you with individually focused treatment that is tailored to your wellbeing goals.